To Join the DLR County Chamber Zoom Networking Meeting, there should be a nice friendly button halfway down the page where you see the flashing bar with “Zoom” on it.  It will do the work for you, failing that, click the link:  or copy the Meeting ID: 567 751 0255 to your device.  Browsers on mobile phones may not display it correctly and Safari does not seem to want to connect using the button below on a Mac! Welcome to the world of online meetings!

Note: If you are having trouble joining the meeting below, enter Meeting ID: 5677510255 and join via Zoom App.

Important notice

Due to a recent Chrome browser version update(80.0.3987.132) the Zoom window embedded on this page is not working as expected. If you are experiencing any problem due to the update then please use the below link to join the meeting from your browser in a new tab for the time being until there is a compatibility fix from Zoom.

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